Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Honda Breeze.

The Breeze is a CR-V based SUV targeted at various Asian markets.
Not sure it is is more expensive than the regular HR-V or not.
Or if it just replaces it in some markets.

The CR-V is due for a facelift very soon. And this design looks like it could work as a CR-V mid-cycle refresh.
I guess this is the car pictured HERE.

But other spy pictures of prototypes show very small changes for the refreshed CR-V in the US.
So, although this looks a lot like our Honda Accord up front, this might not be the one for us...

Or is it? Should it be?


Harry_Wild said...

The Breeze wheel look like 21”, massive! I hope the U.S. CR-V gets a more powerful powertrain like the 2.0T in the Accord!

Soul2Stinger/FusioptimaSX said...

I hope they don't kill what little vertical tail light we have left on the CR-V!

6-speed said...

Our crv is much better looking than this Breeze (conjurs up horrid Plymouth memories.. ugh). If our crv is updated to look anything like this, that would be a huge step backwards.

Anonymous said...

Rear taillights more attractive than current CRV model.

Unknown said...

I like it