Wednesday, August 07, 2019

2020/21 Kia Optima Interior

The top picture is the next-generation Kia Optima.
The sportier GT version.

Even though the dashboard is covered, you can tell it is a new design. But it really doesn't seem that much better than the current car (bottom pic)
The seats seem very similar. The door panels while different don't appear to be more modern at all.

We'll see...


Patrick said...

well, they're door panels. no one is buying a car for what the door panels look like.

Honda Sales said...

Exactly this Patrick.

And if we are going to nit pick door panels, I see several improvements. A little dash of color to break up the monotony. A sleeker arm rest. An extra up turned "hook" in the door latch for easier opening. And best of all, glass in the triangle at the base of the C pillar instead of black plastic increasing visibility.

Honda Sales said...

Well I can't see my above comment till it is reviewed, but I think I said C pillar when I meant A pillar.... Wish there was an edit feature.

Anonymous said...

I have never looked at door panels, despite the excruciating eagle eye reviews about gaps and all.