Tuesday, July 30, 2019

More pictures of the 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

It looks OK. 
This will give Chevrolet something much nicer than the current Trax to go against the Honda HR-V and others.
Although GM has already mentioned it is not replacing the Trax.
But will be positioned between the Trax and the Equinox.
Gaint against cars like the all-new Kia Seltos.

Th interior looks pretty decent and quite roomy. And it seems to have a cool panoramic roof option (at least on this Chinese market model)

Power comes from a 1.3 Liter turbo with 158HP with a CVT.

Available in the US early 2020.


Harry_Wild said...

This so called TrailBlazer looks like it came from Toyota design studios. It is ugly and nerdy looking! Oh my!

Soul2Stinger/FusioptimaSX said...

How confusing. It sounds like it's "more" than the Blazer, but is actually less. That and it looks like someone chewed up a 2020 Kia Soul and spit it out like gum.

I assume this is the Chevy version of the Encore GX.

Anonymous said...

Way to water down both the Blazer and TrailBlazer names and leave no room for a proper Bronco competitor. Shame on you GM.

Anonymous said...


Bazer. Trailblazer.

Volt. Bolt.

Wtf GM?