Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Kia Seltos Interior

I don't remember seeing good pictures of the new Seltos interior. So here are a couple.

It does look more upscale than its Hyundai cousin, the Kona.
More modern inside as well.

This could be quite a hit for Kia...


Anonymous said...

Not sure why Kia went with another boxy style when they already have the Soul in this same price/size range, they should have done something Stinger-inspired.

Higgik said...

They have with the XCeed.
I can see them moving towards two styles of SUV/CUV, one being sporty and one boxy.

Just look at the Telluride, and the Seltos, is like a little brother.

The pictures of the new Sorento show a boxy profile to fit between these two.

Unknown said...

Indian model interior is not good

Bernard Choi said...

Right, look forward to the kia seltos vs mg hector interior comparison.