Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ford Edge Facelift. (China)

Ford has been selling a 7 seater version of the Edge in China for a while.
It looks like it is already time for a mid-cycle refresh.
That redesigned front end looks pretty lame.
At least on the bad picture...
The whole thing seems a bit too soft now. And old looking.

Inside, there is now a huge vertical screen covering most of the console. I mean, it almost looks ridiculous.
I wonder if this is coming in the US Edge as well. 

Here is the current model.


Dylan Mountain said...

We already got that exterior facelift last year. Only new part is inside, with the huge screen.

BillyM67 said...

I would imagine, since Ford just did a refresh last year for the 2019 Edge, and they are releasing na all-new Explorer and Escape, we should get a all-new Edge soon. I would also imagine, since the Explorer got the big vertical screen as part of an upgrade tech package, the Edge will too.

Anonymous said...

Boring to look at.

Anonymous said...

Should we call it anonymous?