Thursday, July 25, 2019

2020 Cadillac XT-5

 Let's hope no one was expecting anything big for the new year.
Cadillac has only made minuscule changes to the XT-5.

(The 2020 model is the grey one)

Same thing inside (new one on top)
Where the only changes seem to be a new shifter design and the infotainment wheel on the console.
Instruments seem to be different as well.

The big news is the standard engine. Which is now a smaller, less powerful 4 cylinder turbo instead of the V6.
I guess the standard V6 made it too close to the new XT-6. Which does come with a standard V6. The new base engine is yet another "new or revised" version of GM's 2-liter engine, with 237HP.
A lot less than the previously standard V6 with 310HP. (now an option)

Could we please get back to real names? (like Lincoln did)
And also, isn't it time for a new Cadillac logo?


Harry_Wild said...

I do not like the styling of the XT5! The back half is very awkward looking and inside dash look cheap! Look more that it belongs in the Buick line up.

Doug said...

It's always a challenge when your sales pitch is: "New and improved!! Now with LESS (horsepower)!"