Thursday, July 11, 2019

2020 Acura MDX

This is the all new Acura MDX SUV for 2020.

I have to admit, it does look different than the photo/illustration I posted earlier.
But I think it actually does look pretty strong and muscular.
And not just like a stretched RDX. 

As I mentioned earlier in my Cadillac XT6 post, the current MDX starts at under $45 000.
With new competiton from Hyundai and Kia, I would hope Acura will keep the price from increasing.

I have heard of an all new platform. Also heard it might share it with the upcoming all new large Acura sedan replacing the TLX and RLX. (Which could be called "Legend" again)
 I have also hearr this platform could be RWD on the sedan. ( kind of what Ford is doing with the next Mustang and Explorer, sharing platforms)

As for engine, there has been a strong rumor for a while about an all new 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo.
And of course, some kind of a hybrid verion...

More on this very soon.

And thanks for the tip from a reader, George!


MrBud said...

The flat hood and upright front end looks like a copy of Highlander, with obviously a different grill opening shape and texture.
And what's with all the the angular shapes and bends/angles in the dash? Looks like they're trying to copy Lambo's weird interiors. Weird just to be weird; it doesn't say luxury or sporty.
And those freaking push button tranny controls! WTF is up with that? Is that what's in the dead center of the console? ever try to use one? Since there's no lever to hold onto, you have to take your eyes off the road to look for it, and then there's different presses/directions you have to push depending on which gear you want...what a PITA.

DANG said...

the previous one looks a lot better, this one.. the front end just reminds me of a Mazda CX-7, it just loses essence.

Harry_Wild said...

The rear quarter panel looks awkward in this upcoming MDX. Do not like the center stack either!

FFEMT6 said...

Will rate to render my verdict when I actually see it, but not especially liking the exterior of this. The interior looks pretty good though. I think the speculative pic you posted the other day of the potential MDX looked far better Vince. I think the RDX was a better execution. Looking forward to that new 3.0 TT V6 though.

TiredOfWaiting said...

That precision interior with the center stacks silver dial is just old looking and tacky. Look at a BMW's clean and modern. This is shit

Harry_Wild said...

The center stack operates like the new RDX; touchscreen is disabled! And it is position far from the drivers reach in any case! I do not like using the touchpad for everything like the old style center position laptop recentange touchpad and you are using it on the side to; not in front of you! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

That looks excellent. The more upright front end and flatter hood are more upscale. Sure, it's similar to a CX-9 or whatever, but there's a clear lineage to the current MDX. Liking the more sculpted/taught body lines on these models compared to the more soap-bar-like outgoing ones.

I'm wary of the edge lighting on the interior though. That could either look really tacky or just fine.

Anonymous said...

The new MDX is striking from every angle, glad the floating roof line is gone. I had an 04, loved it, currently own an 07 and this will likely be my 3rd.

Gaw said...

Vince- This is going to be a 2021 model. The 2020 MDX is on the website now and is unchanged.