Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More pictures of the all new 2020 Mercedes GLB

Still looking cute and attractive. Now we get to see the trunk and rear seats.

Which, of course are really tiny. But, when folded, that cargo area looks pretty huge for the car's size. Which is really great. 
(I also hear the second row can move back a bit. Like the new Escape.)

I think this could actually be a serious competition to Mercedes's own GLC.


6-speed said...

Looks like a Chinese facsimile of a Mercedes

Anonymous said...

Mercedes hit a Home Run with this one! Suburban moms (maybe even fathers with a AMG version) will be driving these in droves!

Deets said...

Would look a lot better without the chrome bits on the grille. Guess that's why they make blackout paint.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 6-speed’s comment. It looks sort of cheap and pedestrian; not befitting a brand of Mercedes’ stature.