Friday, June 14, 2019

Fisker SUV teasers

So far, this looks really cool and modern. (Especially the real picture at the bottom)

It also looks like a production-ready model. Fisker not only claims it will be built in California, but it will start at under $40 000! With a 300 miles electric range available.
Which would be quite amazing. That means at around the same price as the Tesla Model Y. But also pretty much the price of a Chevrolet Bolt or Hyundai Kona EV.

We are supposed to see a driveable prototype in December.
And hopefully, the real thing next year.

Let's hope they can do it...


Anonymous said...

I see they've placed a high emphasis on rear visibility, particularly when changing lanes.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly similar to the new Soul, which was developed up the street..

Harry_Wild said...

Nobody going to buy a Fisker car. Nobody going to repair it if it get broken down and if gets in an accident, auto body would a year to fix.

neuromatico said...

Vince, the second pic also looks like an illustration. And as much as I applaud the initiative, Fisker=doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

The front-hole is giving us a goatsee.

dejal said...

Harry Wild. There's a youtube video out there (which I can't find) where someone has a $50K Tesla Model 3 that has a broken tail light and what not. You could drive the car for years with saran wrap tinted red and duct tape because the light still works.

$10 K to fix. Open ended on how long it will take but definitely over a month. Part of that is because the body shop is 99% sure the rear window won't survive the repair.

If over a month in the shop, the insurance company probably won't pay for a loaner after that period of time.

That's for a "Main Stream" car.