Monday, June 10, 2019

2020 Mercedes GLB

I think this turned out really nice.
It does look very cute. But not too soft.

It is not the mini G-Class many were hoping for. And not as square as the old GLC.
But I think this strikes a great balance. And will be hugely successful.

Sure, they claim it can seat 7. Which is technically right. but it looks like this is the similar situation you are getting wit the 7 seat option on the Nissan Rogue. 
There is no magic trick. This is pretty compact. You either get a room for 7 or a trunk.

Still, for those who don't have 5 kids, this could be a really cool camping trip car.
As I bet it is long enough to back there to sleep.

Since it is based on the A-Class platform, the interior is similar. But not the same.
And I also think it looks nicer. 

The US market will only get the GLB 250 4Matic model (for now)
Which means standard AWD with a 2.0 Liter turbo with 221HP.

The current GLA starts at around $35 000. While the GLC is about $ 41 000.
So I guess we can expect a starting price of around $38 000?

Which would seem pretty competitive...


Anonymous said...

Profile DLO reminds me of the first generation Rav4.

Anonymous said...

Tiguan copy?

Harry_Wild said...

Looks more like a mini GLS or the discontinued GLK the a G Wagon. Not at all square shape!

Anonymous said...

Disappointing, to say the least! It looks like Mercedes phoned this one in and called it a day!

Anonymous said...