Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Current CR-V Vs. the next one

Yes, the shape will be very similar to the current one.
(Just like the current one is actually very similar to the previous one...)

it looks like it will follow Honda's upcoming design trend of "simpler and fewer lines".
Which we saw on the current Insight. And will see on the next Fit.


Anonymous said...

more Pug like nose it seems... I actually really like the current design.... more masculine if i do say so myself.... (can't blame a boy for trying)

Anonymous said...

It's the same car. The CR-V's due for it's mid-cycle refresh.

NiharM11 said...

Looks like a Renault Espace

Vince Burlapp said...

You guys are probably right about this being just a refresh/facelift.

The front end does look all new, more like the Accord. Not sure why they covered the rear side window since a refresh would not include new glass...
Besides, I had not checked the schedule. The CR-V is just too new for a new generation. And, like someone else mentioned, it usually comes after a new Civic. Which won't be here before the 2020 Fit is out.

TiredOfWaiting said...

Padding under the camo sticker

Unknown said...

Well since Honda does 5 year runs is it really a surprise that the 21 is similar to the 17. The change will happen in 22
Is this forum really that uneducated?

Vince Burlapp said...

Yes it is. We are all idiots here.

JLR113 said...

LOL Unknown, I can't say I disagree eith your post. In fact, I co-sign it. Obvious should be obvious.

I just think Vince can be forgetful and that is life honestly. I say that, as he reported on the 22017 CRV the most, giving even a look at some early test mules via rare spy shots no other places posted.

But I will say some fellow commenters here, can be unusually obtuse (or uneducated) though and therefore, it is important the author is as accurate as possible, so as not to confuse them too easily.

Honda already quietly chose a final design for the 2022 CRV, which goes into production in September 2021. The next CRV design is revolutionary and some major cues will change.

Design engineers are finessing the final styling proposal, which gets fully locked-in soon and subject to final review by Honda management.

The next Pilot is also designed and next generation Civic as well. Usually it's over 2 years before intro that committment is made.

The Civic coupe is going away, as there was no internal approval for that bodystyle.

JLR113 said...

Re: Vince

We're all idiots here? Speak for yourself LOL.

I just think you can be very forgetful, which doesn't make sense when you were among the first entities to report on the 2017 CRV and 2.5 previous generations of CRV as far back as 2004.

I also think you know that Honda has 5 year cycles for each generation, so no real reason for you to seem so oblivious so often.

It all should be easy to figure out for you, compared to casual readers. This forgetfulness is too frequent though and hurts reliability of the blog being credible information. Just my perception.

Don't be like other websites, because they are clickbait trash.