Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cruising Instagram...

This week we have a bunch of "what could have been" samples.
Starting from the top with:

- A proposal for a sedan version of the Renault 25 hatchback. A rather heavy-handed design that was rejected. But a Renault 25 Sedan did happen for the US market as the Eagle Premier.

- An early design for the 1990'a Alfa Romeo 145

- A US-spec version of the groundbreaking Renault Espace minivan.

- Another one. Or a mid-cycle facelift for that same car.

- An early sketch for the amazing 1972 GMC Motor Home.

- A later, almost production ready version.

- A design proposal for a cheaper Chevrolet version. Which never happened.

- A really weird looking 1977 Chrysler Le Baron Turbine. I guess Chrysler had not given up on the Turbine motor yet?

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6-speed said...

Wow, that Chrysler can see that styling exercize influenced the styling of the early 80's Imperial.