Friday, May 10, 2019

A few more pictures of the new VW Atlas Sport Cross

I know these pictures are grainy and pretty much suck.
But I thought it would be of interest to see the new 5 seater version of the VW Atlas in another color than orange, for once.
Since I am sure most of the sold will end up being silver, dark grey, black or white. 

So here it is...


dejal said...

When you had some interior photos before I commented on how childish the interior looked. As if someone had used a ruler with half inch accuracy.

While grainy, the interior here looks much better.
Still not digging the sawed off back and roofline.
You have this big/bold vehicle to the B pillar and then it ends in a whimper.

6-speed said...

I really like this

Carl Sandstedt said...

Must have a brain tumor-- some of the new VW stuff is looking decent.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Dejal on this one... Not digging this chinese, VW version of a "Chrysler 300" crossover.

TiredOfWaiting said...

I drove in Atlas rental. It felt cheap and drove like it was overweight and underpowered. I'll expect the same from this. VWs always disappoint me