Friday, May 31, 2019

2020 Mercedes GLB

As expected, the production version of the small GLB SUV will look exactly like the concept we saw just a while ago.
At least the body, without the concept's macho bits.

Without the big tires and off-road trim, it looks a lot like the GLC. Not at all the small squared off SUV many expected.
It is actually quite soft looking.

Things are getting quite crowded. With a new GLA coming out soon as well...

More pix of the new Mercedes GLB HERE.


Chad Halliwell said...

Okay if they are getting rid of the macho bits, it's not looking good. It looks like the body of the last VW Tiguan. Sad #smh

Anonymous said...

wow another crossover

Unknown said...

I agree that it has a lot of previous Tiguan vibe;

Teh detailing might be GLC, but the proportions are a bit weird, and very obviously FWD;

Anonymous said...

Whoa it really does look like a Tiguan now that you say it