Friday, May 03, 2019

2020 Hyundai Ioniq

 The cute little Ioniq is getting a few upgrades for the new year.
New front end for all versions. As well as new tail lights.

the EV model gets a big boost with a larger battery pack. It now gets an EV range of over 180 miles.
Which is really decent.
The plug-in hybrid version gets a 32 miles EV range.

A faster level 2 charger is also included

These are specs fort the European model, shown in these pictures.
Let's hope our US version gets the same changes.

Inside, the dashboard seems to be all new. (top picture)
And the whole thing looks rather nice.

I've always liked the Ioniq. But it has not been that popular in the US.
They sold only about 15 000 of them in the US last year.
While the Toyota Prius has already sold more than that in 2019 alone.

I guess the current $4 a gallon gas prices (at least over here in California) might help...


Patrick said...

For the record, you posted a nearly identical story about this when it first was revealed:

TwoBear said...

I like it. If I were in the market for a hybrid this would be at the top of my list.

TiredOfWaiting said...

Kind of seems to pick up where the unloved previous generation Honda Insight left off