Monday, May 20, 2019

2020 Ford Taurus

 The Ford Taurus is getting a new face. In China.

The current Taurus generation has been sold over there since 2016. (While Ford had decided that all we needed here in the US was the old model.)
Unlike the US version, the newer Chinese model is not being discontinued.
Instead, it is being given a new face for 2020.
Which, I think, makes it look even better than before.

The big sedan market is not dead in China. But sales are down for the Taurus with only about 25 000 units sold last year.
(While Buick was able to sell almost 70 000 units of the Lacrosse last year.)

Just as a reminder, her is the current face of the Chinese Ford Taurus.

1 comment:

Chad Michael said...

I like the large sunroof... and the first grill isn't bad... the second horizontal one, is just no.... I like it though... that's to bad.