Monday, May 27, 2019

2020 BMW 1 series

The new 1 series looks a bit sportier than the previous one.
It basically looks like a lower X1 now.
With a few design cues from the current 3 series. (LIke that little chrome piece behind the side rear door window.)

These cars are actually pretty invisible in  European streets. Nothing, except, for us Americans, (seeing the BMW grille on a small hatchback), makes them stand out in a crowd.
And this new generation does the exact same thing. 
Now the grill is even larger than before, to make sure your neighbors know you bought a BMW I guess.

As usual, we are not getting this. It will stay in Europe to do battle with the A-Class hatchback from Mercedes and the upcoming redesigned Audi A3.

A new sedan version is supposed to be coming out next year, and that might be making it over here.
It looks like the 2 door hatch has been dropped. 
Just like with the new A-Class and upcoming Golf...


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head.. like a shorter X1. Sad because the current one (RWD) has a really sporty shooting-brake like look, and this now just looks like a decontented FWD crossover.

Anonymous said...

Terrible hood line, enermous grille and a very high C pillar. Who designed this ugly sheet of metal?

Doug said...

That could be literally any other cheap hatchback. What exactly makes this worth BMW money?

Anonymous said...

The 1 series sedan already exists in China, which makes me believe the US version will not come from Germany.

Harry_Wild said...

I heard that the U.S. car market will continue to have only selective models from both foreign and domestic car manufacturers. They all want to keep sales figures high for each model release into the U.S. market and limited te number of models offer. I other parts of the world, new cars are usually custom order and shipped to dealership 3-5 months afterwards so car manufacturers do have to worry about inventory build up and car dealership only carry a couple of demos and maybe two or three new models as inventory for sale.

Ralph L said...

The thin strip of black plastic behind the rear door is weird. Why not just shape the chrome differently?