Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2020 Audi AllRoad

The changes to the A4 for 2020 apply to the Allroad version.
Same all-new body panels with the same old interior...

I drove the regular wagon version of the A4 a couple of years ago, in Europe. For a few days.
It was fine but not remarkable in any way.

The Allroad starts at $45 000 in the US.
Which is crazy expensive.
The base Volvo V60 wagon starts at $39 000. Expensive too. But such a more modern design.
With one of the best interiors in the business. 
(The Cross Country version is expected to start at around $40 000)

And let's not forget the Buick Regal Tour-X.
Another great German AWD wagon that starts at $30 000.

I think life might become a bit harder for all versions of the A4 in the next few years...


Deets said...

With the same stupid tacked-on screen that looks like you could tear it off the dash with ease.

And the orange seats, black dash and white headliner look jarringly mismatched.

I'd be a prime target for something like this, someone who'd rather drive a car than an SUV but needs more cargo space, but just ugh.

6-speed said...

Love the car, but not a fan either of the sticky uppy screen. I really thought a refresh would improve on that in some way.