Friday, April 05, 2019

2020 Karma Revero

It looks like the beautiful Karma Reveno could be getting more revisions for 2020 than previously thought.
From the various spy shots we have seen, it just looked like the usual "new lights and bumpers".
But the new teaser (top picture) actually shows an all-new rear window and trunk.
( A hatch???)
Otherwise, the fenders don't really look too new.
The Karma is still an amazing sight whenever I see one, and they are very smart keeping most of it unchanged.

As far as powertrain, it is supposed to be getting a big upgrade.
With a BMW 3 cylinder turbo engine and a much-improved EV range.

It is interesting to notice that Karma is still saying the 2020 model is all-new design.
Which is hard to tell so far from the teasers.

This could be quite interesting...


BillyM67 said...

Obviously not a hatch

Harry_Wild said...

Tesla owners are have trouble servicing their Tesla’s due to waiting for parts, it might be impossible to get service Karma Reveno?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they've found a solution for the undersized and oddly placed door handles.

Anonymous said... Thanks.