Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2020 Karma Reveno

The Karma Reveno is actually an all-new design for 2020. Not just a slight refresh...
It is especially obvious in the profile pictures above (2020 model on top)
and I think they did a very nice job.
As it is very hard to redesign such a stunning car.

From what I hear, the interior seems very similar to the older model though.
And I am not sure if they replaced the rather ridiculous solar panel roof with a 
real glass panel or not...

As far as powertrain, it now uses a BMW unit with an amazing 528HP.
Something much more worthy of its high price.

And the pure EV range is now a "quite amazing for a plug-in hybrid" 80 miles.

I think they did a really good job. And it is great news to know this gorgeous car is still being made and improved.


Les said...

It's probably not all-new, the doors and roof have the same shape.

Those are the most expensive stampings, and also the ones that people notice the least.

The front looks a bit too much like a Corvette to me, but it's good to see they care enough to invest in a refresh.

Anonymous said...

It will probably attract old farts having a hard time getting in and out of the car.

Anonymous said...

Thats simply not true. Its far from all new.

Lindeberg said...

ReveRo! Not ReveNo, OK?

Patrick said...

REVERO, not Reveno.

Anonymous said...

The roof has changed very subtly, at least where it meets the trunk.. but the doors and glass are just reskinned slightly. Were those little exit ports behind the front wheels actually functional before? And are the silvery replacements on the new one just decorative?

6-speed said...

This car is simply gorgeous