Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tesla Model Y official pictures

Not a big fan of black wheels or black trim.
So I am sure the car could actually look better (to me) in other versions.

Still, it looks very close to a Model 3.
I guess they were able to squeeze two extra seats somehow. And there IS a proper hatchback.
This is basically the reason why the Model 3 does not have a hatch.
Otherwise, the Y would just be too close, and almost the same thing.

Otherwise, the interior seems to be the same. 
So you get more cargo room and a hatch for about $4000 more than a Model 3.


Anonymous said...

Leon lied, he said it'd be 75% model 3. This is 95% model 3.
U thought it was a 3 with my screen not adjusted properly

Anonymous said...

Tesla did a great job introducing long range battery cars to the privileged until recently wth the model 3. And they were intelligent enough to put these batteries in very attractive designs. If other manufacturers snap out of the “ if the car does not have internal combustion engine, it needs to look weird” syndrome, Tesla’s days are over with long range batteries becoming mainstream.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a bath toy. Or a piggy bank.