Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mazda CX-3 test drive coming up...

Just got this really cute Mazda CX-3 for a week, And as usual, will report on it soon.

It is a loaded Grand Touring model with Premium package.
Just drove it around town for a few miles. So far, this is a really cute and super good
looking thing.
But that engine is super loud when cold. It calms down to "almost" normal levels after a while. But why so loud at first???
And the ride quality is really hard.

More soon...


Anonymous said...

If it is noisy, underpowered, and rough on pavement, it must be a Mazda CX3 then.

FFEMT6 said...

I don't recall seeing any of those comments on any review of the CX-3 I have ever seen before.

dejal said...

So, basically a penalty box in the Northeast. There's roads at the edge of town that you have to traverse at 5 MPH this time of year due to potholes.

There's a guy that writes a column for one of the Hemmings magazines. He did a stint as a test driver for BMW USA. He says he remembers driving the BMW 750 with the 12 cylinder before it was released in the USA. He loved the normal suspension. When it was decided what that was going to be for the USA, they then stuck the European M suspension on it. He said it handled great. Hard a rock and everything in the car squeaked like the car had a 100K miles on it. He hated it with a passion. So did everyone else at BMW USA. We never got a M model.