Friday, March 15, 2019

EV battle: Tesla Model Y Vs.Model 3

It appears that most body panels are actually mostly different.
They just  "look" the same.
Which is too bad. As they could have given the Model Y a bit more personality.

As it is, comparing the Y to the 3 makes the Model 3 look really classy and sleek.
Even timeless in its simplicity (Even though it is just a small "S")

The new Y just looks like a bloated version of the 3.

Not sure it will be the hit it could have been. A crossover version of the super popular Model 3 should be a giant hit.
But the design has been criticized pretty much everywhere already.
And by the time it comes out, there will be others. Many others.
Like the production version of the sleek VW I.D Crozz.
The new Polestar 3 Crossover.
And more from almost everyone else...


Doug said...

Yes, this style is now played out for Tesla. They are still milking variations of the 10 year old Model S styling.

BillyM67 said...

I'd take Y before the 3, without the ridiculously useless third row, for the extra space, but want neither with that silly single screen for everything.

VT8919 said...

My nickname for this will be 3UV--3 Utility Vehicle.

Anonymous said...

As an owner of a Model 3 I wish they had gone with a hatch like the Buick Regal GS you just reviewed. It would of been nice if the Y's rear quarter didn't taper so drastically, it's more X4 and hatchback like than SUV.

Anonymous said...

A severely missed opportunity for Tesla.. differentiating it more from the 3 would have at least accounted for the higher price. But, because of the hatch alone, this is the only one of the two I'd ever consider.

Harry_Wild said...

I kind of like the model Y styling. It a hatchback design with an aggressive wedge to show sportiness! I guess some love and some hate it looks. Yes it not square shape traditional SUV look. But I like the look of it!

Harry_Wild said...

After thinking about the Y styling, it would make more sense if the Y had a straight roof line instead of a fastback. The previous posters were right about the Y above about change it up and make more functional looking Y.