Thursday, March 14, 2019

2020 Nissan Versa

Not sure we have seen prototypes of the new Sentra in the US yet. But here is the new Versa. (top)
Which already looks much sleeker than the current horrific looking model. (bottom)

Not only is it a horrible looking car, but it old. Since it came out in 2012. (And it drives like an old car too)
Maybe this one will finally look good, who knows.

The Versa Note hatchback is not supposed to return with the new design. At least in the US.

It's almost weird these days (but nice) to see a manufacturer actually spending money on redesigning their sedans.
So far, Nissan has not canceled any sedan models in the US.
An all-new Sentra is also supposed to come out later this year. Looking like a small Altima, again.

Not sure what will happen to the Maxima. I keep thinking (and saying) it should be turned into a pure EV.

You can see more pictures of the next Versa sedan HERE. And the next Sentra HERE


Doug said...

I can't understand why Nissan has had such a hard time designing good looking small cars. They've had good looking midsize cars and crossovers. It's not that hard.

Carmaker1 said...

Production of this starts on June 3rd, for July launch. 2020 Sentra (L21B) it will be October 1st and launch in November. 2020 Armada update is August 1, for late September arrival.

I believe you've already seen the new Sentra, which got a lot of development $$$ this time around. Looked decent over 2 years ago as a final clay mockup, even better in steel and actual paint.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Nissan continues to market this redundant sedan in the US market and allows the Sentra to flounder.. if anything, the Note should remain (or the Micra should come down from Canada) and the Versa should die.