Friday, January 04, 2019

All new 2019 Chevrolet Monza

While most Chevy sedans are dead in the US, except the Malibu, GM is still coming up with new ones overseas.
This "all-new" Chevrolet Monza will soon come out in China. (and exported to Brazil)
Not an ugly car, but such a nondescript design that basically be from any other brand.

Being a cheap, sub-Cruze model, don't expect too much power.
The base engine is a 1.0 Liter with 125HP. And a larger 1.3 Liter with 163HP is also available.
Which seems to be fine for that kind of car.

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Harry_Wild said...

My first brand new car was a Chevrolet black Monza 4 spd Sport coupe with black leather/faux leather interior! Had nothing but problems with it! Within 3 months; the rear wheel wells started to rust. Chevrolet dealership did not help much. Took it to their body shop and they just touch it up and started rusting within a month time. Then the transmission started to act up six months into the purchase and would downshift with a lurch. Took it back to the dealership and they keep it for two weeks and still did the same thing. Got rid of it 8 months afterwards and purchased a Honda Accord. Keep the Honda Accord for 15 years! Never purchased a GM vehicle after that the Monza!