Monday, January 14, 2019

2020 Toyota Supra

Finally, after all these years, the official pictures are here.

And it still looks like the 5-year-old FT-1 Concept. (What a busy, overdone and bloated design...)

- BMW Z4 chassis
- BMW 3.0 Inline 6 cylinder with 335HP
- BMW 8 speed auto
-  $50 000
- 172.5 Inches long. Which is about 4 inches longer than the Toyota 86. But 5 inches shorter than the last generation from the 90's.


BillyM67 said...

Priced starting at $50K?? Obviously not an "ever man" sports car aimed at those who loved it and made it popular in the first place. Should've started at $35K. FAIL!

Anonymous said...

A80 Supra started at 60k+ back in the 90's if you adjust for inflation...Supra was never an "every man" car

Harry_Wild said...

Shape is not attractive tome! Very small size make it hard to get in and out too!

Doug said...

I don't understand how Toyota thinks it's ok to revive it's legendary sports car using BMW parts.

Anonymous said...


Maybe if it looked better...?

Anonymous said...

There is a reason SUVs sell better than sedans. That reason makes tiny cars like the Supra so much more difficult to sell. Attractive, but tiny and pointless to me.

DANG said...

this shoulda been called the Celica, and the FT-1 concept the Supra.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad they didn't throw that big mouth grill on it like all the other Toyota's and Lexus.