Monday, January 28, 2019

2019 Renault Clio Interior

It looks like Renault is really making an effort with the all-new Clio. At least inside (Pictures of the exterior coming up soon)

This is quite an amazing step up from the current model.
I have seen the current Clio in person while traveling in Europe. It is a very cute car with a decent interior for its size and price (about the same as a Ford Fiesta)

But this is really, really nice. Of course, I realize we are probably looking at the most expensive loaded version. Still. You can load up a Fiesta or a Polo and it will never look like this. 
Sure, theere is again a huge tablet sticking out. But, just like the one inthe Explorer, it seems to bother me a little less. Somehow... Maybe it is the vertical arrangement which reminds me of the Model S?
Or a phone?

For those of us who have never seen one (which is most of us here in the US) here is the current interior of the Clio. 

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