Wednesday, December 26, 2018

More pictures of the VW I.D prototype

Looks like VW let a few people drive the all-new I.D EV a few days ago. (more pictures HERE)
So now we have a few more pictures of VW's new model with a "somehow rather unhappy and very grey looking" German guy.

While the exterior seems to make an effort to stay pretty close to the original concept (At least from what we can guess under the camouflage), the interior seems to be 100% different.
You can already see a screen behind the steering wheel, and another tablet in the center of the dash.

Something the concept didn't have. 

Here is the original concept.

And by the way, a redesigned 2 door version of this would make a great Electric Beetle.
Just saying...

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Anonymous said...

The interior looks very cheap from these preliminary photos, and what is with that minivan armrest? Eeeww!