Sunday, December 16, 2018

2020 Hyundai Sonata

As you can see, the next Sonata will be influenced (a bit) by the "Le Fil Rouge" concept we saw earlier this year.
Mainly that odd belt line.

Otherwise, it will just be a more modern Sonata. Which is a good thing. The current generation was mostly seen as a step back from the previous one.
This new design will hopefully allow it to compete better with the current Camry and Accord.


Anonymous said...

It's not influenced by the Le Fil Rouge concept, because the new Sonata came first in development. Le Fil Rouge was a teaser, come on.��

Hyundai is just not done engineering the Sonata. Design was already finished almost 2 years ago.

Concept was an 11th hour effort project to tease the new Sonata and other future Hyundai bits, but say whatever you believe makes sense as usual (even if inaccurate).��

Anonymous said...

So the Sonata goes back to curvy bodysides just as the Elantra gets sharp pointy headlights? There is nothing cohesive about Hyundai styling from generation to generation, never mind model to model. But most of them end up looking quite nice. This is definitely an improvement already!!

Jamayl said...

They kept the same greenhouse? That greenhouse been in the Sonata since 2010 as a 2011 model. When they plan to totally change the entire shape to Male it look 100% like a new Sonata?