Monday, October 29, 2018

New "smaller than Sportage" Kia SUV coming

Just like the Ford Ecosport, the production version of the SP concept was mostly planned for the Indian market.
And just like the Eco sport, it will end up in the US as well.
Except Kia will not, unlike Ford, wait 5 years to bring it over.

The SP concept looks really nice. With a great interior.
Let's hope most of this carries over the production version.
This will actually make the Sportage look old fashion (Especially inside)

And again, just like the Ecosport, it will probably be produced in India and imported from there to the US market. 

This could even be marketed as an upscale, sportier version of the Soul (?)


Anonymous said...

What about the Kia Stonic?

Anonymous said...

This model is supposed to be their version of the Nissan Rogue Sport when it comes to adding a smaller SUV below the Sportage. I have read that only the Indian market will get Indian made cars, while our version will come from S. Korea.

I will look forward to seeing the final version and can't wait to see the new Soul.

Dave in Canada said...

This would be a welcome update for the Niro.

Anonymous said...

"Concept Vehicle" used to mean the unveiling of a stunning, breakthrough design that had never been done previously.

Nowadays, it's really just a marketing tool. "Concepts" get a lot of attention by the media. Lots of photographs appear all over... but then the production version comes out, and very little of what made the industry take notice makes it to the model people can actually buy.

So it's really just a marketing ploy. (And it seems to be working).

Jamayl said...

I hope they dr. Ont screw it up designing it to production like they did the Tellurides's headlights though

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Just another derivative CUV.