Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Chinese Ford Escape/Kuga is getting a huge screen for 2019

It looks like the Chinese market Ford Kuga (our Escape) is getting a weird oversized screen for the new year.
Ford was able to fit this giant vertical tablet right where the smaller unit used to be. 
I guess, it somehow works? But also looks really weird.

It is also strange since an all-new Escape is due out in just a few months. So why make such a modification to the existing model? (Unless the old one will still be on sale alongside the new one in China)

This could also be a preview of what's in store for the new one...
Here is the current Escape interior.


Harry_Wild said...

The new screen looks so amateurish! It looks like a first step prototype! LOL! God awful!

Anonymous said...

Up until about five years ago, we were a Ford family for three generations. Today, everything they offer is completely trashy. Since they aren't offering cars anymore in the US, with the exception of the (redneck's wet dream) Mustang, now Ford is dead to me. I honestly can't believe that they've essentially abandoned the US market.

Too Manly said...

If it looks tacky, that's because it's been tacked-on.

Looks like a desperate move on the part of Ford.

B said...

eww! What is you doing Ford?