Sunday, October 21, 2018

All new VW Tayron

As you can see, this is yet another VW model for the Chinese market.
Although, since we already share the Passat and Atlas with China, this could very well end up here as well.
it is powered by a 2.0 Liter with 220HP. Which here would be right under the Atlas.
This could very well be the "Atlas coupe" that has been rumored for a few years now.
While it looks a bit more interesting than the poor Atlas, the interior does look much better.
(Maybe a mid-cycle facelift will bring this interior to the Atlas)

Let's hope VW finds it in their heart to bring the Cross Sport pictured above (concept) instead of that Tayron.
The Cross-Sport looks so much dynamic.
But once "toned down "for production, it might end up actually being the Tayron.

There is still hope...


BillyM67 said...

The exterior looks like a Ford Edge

Anonymous said...

First the Porsche Taycan and now the VW Tayron. Where do they come up with these names?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not all original but it does look nice.

Unknown said...

I don't know how many VAG SUVS we have seen with that general exterior design language, but the mid sized segment for sure is very well catered by now, especially given they are all based of the same MQB chassis;

The interior is certainly a new record in terms of shiny black plastic, must be fun in direct sunlight and in terms of finger prints;

Lindeberg said...

I used to joke that some car names like Meriva, Livina and Previa sounded like names for medicines. Well, I think Tayron adds to that list...