Sunday, October 14, 2018

2020/21 Mercedes CLA

This is just an illustration, but it does match the various spy shots we have already seen of the next CLA.
And it does look like a mix of the new A-Class sedan and the current CLA. 

I am still kind of surprised to see a second generation of this car since they now have the A-Class sedan.
This CLA looks like it will be about 5% sportier and sleeker looking than the A-Class sedan.
And it will probably have the exact same interior, except less headroom in the back.

Why even bother???


Zigfried Von Stuban said...

Now that this will play big brother to the A Class sedan, rear occupants deserve more head and legroom. The current model is a joke.

Marshall Boyce said...

I hoped they would at least make it a hatchback. Oh well another opportunity wasted.

Anonymous said...

CLA and CLS should have died in favor of the A-sedan and AMG 4-door coupe, or at least become hatchback rivals to the A5 and A7. The redundancy is embarrassing.