Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Peugeot E-Legend concept

I think this is quite amazing. To see a revival of the old (and still gorgeous) 504 Coupe design is simply a treat.
Sure, there are still some overdone bits. (Like pretty much all current Peugeot designs.)
Like the bottom of the car. Why so many bits and lines under that door???

But still, the personality of the old stuff is there. And the whole thing just feels really nice.
Too bad the interior is just pure crazy concept stuff. (Although that 70's blue velours looks fantastic)

This makes the new 508 sedan that came out just a few months ago look so sad and boring...
This is what Peugeot should be doing, right now.
They even brought back the old version of their logo!

As you have guessed, the "E" Legend is an EV. of course...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a mini Dodge Charger that got ran into from both the driver and passenger sides.

Anonymous said...

Look up Nissan IDX when you get a chance

Anonymous said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Am I hallucinating? Is this a dream? A car designed with NO BLINDSPOTS??? And it's a good-looking design, too. How utterly refreshing. Perhaps there is hope. This design would translate well into an equally good-looking 4-door sedan.

And you are right about the interior, but hey, it is a concept.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive and "original" sans the crappy looking velour.