Monday, September 03, 2018

New Tesla teaser

Tesla will introduce "something new" on September 5th.
So far, that is all we know. And this teaser.

Most of the press seems to think it could be the production version the the new "Roadster".
(The one that is actually NOT a "roadster" but targa top coupe)
Sure, it could be...

But it also could be the all new Model Y SUV. That would be much bigger news.
Since the Roadster will still be a limited very expensive item. While the new Y will probably become Tesla's best seller when (or if) introduced.

Here is a shot of the new Roadster Concept introduced last year.
I must admit, it does look a lot like that teaser above.


FFEMT6 said...

Oh good, the wealthiest among us will soon be accelerating from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds.

Zigfried Von Stuban said...

I won't take away it's looks, but the price is way out of everyone's league.

Anonymous said...

If it's the Y, I hope Tesla lets me cancel my current 3 order that I placed last week for it!

Harry_Wild said...

Could be anything! Hoping for a midsize SUV/crossover maybe called the Y?

Stratocharger said...

A roadster is an open two-seat car

Anonymous said...

I am sure Tesla designed this with a convertible version in mind. They are smart to release the closed coupe first to capture those sales, then introduce the convertible the following summer to keep the interest and momentum strong.