Tuesday, September 25, 2018

2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country

The Cross Country "raised up " versions of Volvo wagons have always looked great.
(That is still the case with the large V90 Cross Country)

So of course, this all-new V60 Cross Country is a really nice looking wagon.
It is just about 3 inches higher than the regular V60 wagon. 
All-wheel drive is standard. 
It will be available in T5 and D4 (diesel ) versions in Europe.
(Fair to say the diesel won't be sold over here)
And a plug-in version will follow later. 

Looks like the 60 series is now complete. With a sedan, wagon, CC wagon and the XC60 SUV.
Next is the new 40 series. Which has already started with the XC40. It will also be followed by a sedan and a wagon.


Harry_Wild said...

I like everything about the cross country V60 except the black wheel cladding and the underpower powertrain.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they will do an S60 Cross Country sedan this go-round..

Anonymous said...

That is one damn fine looking automobile. Volvo has the best looking line of cars out there now!

dejal said...

Nice to see that the Chinese know when to leave things hands-off. A lot of car companies should be taking notes on Volvo design.