Thursday, July 05, 2018

Audi E-tron Interior

Audi has just revealed a few pictures of the interior of their new E-Tron EV SUV.
It does look like most current Audi SUV interiors. Very busy with plenty of different shapes and materials everywhere...
There are now even more screens. As even the rear view mirrors have been replaced by cameras. 
Which, I am sure, will spread rapidly in many other models. 
Although not sure if the technology (like laser headlights) has been approved yet for the US market. 

I guess this will compete with the Tesla Model X. Just like the Jaguar iPace does. 
At least the Jag looks much more original than the E-tron, which looks like any other Audi SUV out there...


FFEMT6 said...

Curious as to what the back up will be when those side view cameras end up going out. Cadillac's rearview camera system turns off and returns to a regular functioning mirror in the CT-6. Not sure if that is possible with Audi's system. It does look cool though.

Anonymous said...

This is for all E/V automobiles owners. Are you going to have to replace the batteries every two years? If so,what's it gonna cost? My cell phone's batteries are only good for two years.