Friday, July 20, 2018

2019 European Honda CR-V

The "new" CR-V is finally available in Europe.
With just a couple of differences from our US model.
The main one being the availability of a third row seat.

Which, as usual in this class, seems really small. With almost zero legroom and very little luggage space left behind.

I guess there must be a market for smallish SUVs with 7 seats. Not sure why since no one above the age of 6 or 7 could fit in these tiny rear benches.
(So I guess this is mostly for carpooling small kids....)

Otherwise, the European version will also be offered as a Hybrid in a few months. 
Something that I think would be a popular option here in the US...


siro said...

By the time it arrives in Europe its already old. A SUV in this class usually can tow trailers and caravans up to 2000kg but i was told bcause auf the CVT it will tow only 1500KG which is really bad.

Anonymous said...

better leather.

Anonymous said...

I wish they give the US market the hybrid model as well, we are their largest market. At least two of the Youtube videos I saw mentioned, they sold more of the CRV in the US than all of BMW models of the same year.

That's a lot, and as such I think we in the US deserve to get more options such as the hybrid model but no, they treat us like the second rated market. That is so lamentable.

Harry_Wild said...

I will look at the CR-V when Honda decides to put in the Type R engine and 9 speed transmission from the Accord inside a performance CR-V!

6-speed said...

I hate the crv interior. The fake stitching on the dash and the crappy faux wood, looks like the interior is a joint venture in design with Lego and Fisher Price.