Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Honda Insight Pricing

Including destination, the LX model will start at $23 725.
Then you can step up to an EX model for $24 995 or the loaded Touring at $28 985. 
(Which includes leather, sunroof, more speakers etc...)

This basically is right in between the Civic and the Accord.
It basically replaces the Hybrid version of the Civic. But has its own design and revised, more upscale interior. 

The lager Accord Hybrid is about $2200 more than a base Insight.
The Accord Hybrid is rated at 47MPG (Both HWY and City) While the Insight is 55City/49HWY.

It's all a matter of math and how much you drive to figure out if it is worth it compared to the regular Civic. (Civic LX starts at around $20 000)


Anonymous said...


I don't know why but the front end reminds me of the Chrysler K cars of the 1980's....can't get it out of my head now.

Mr. Bigg

Anonymous said...

It will be another freaking home run from...Honda.

Anonymous said...

It looks good overall and I'm glad its bigger than a Civic.

The interior feels like a modern update to the Civic's with the Accord-like infotainment system that includes two knobs. (Much better than the current Civc's, awful no-knob volume slider system.)

I'd imagine it'll also get the Accord's simple, effective blind spot monitoring system for both side mirrors
instead of the Civic's gimmicky Honda LaneWatch for the right side and split mirror for the left side.

BUT, why does the screen look like it blocks the bottom of the center vents?!
It looks like they designed the dashboard and then realized they forgot to add the center screen so they threw it in at the last minute.

FFEMT6 said...

I agree about the screen, but think this will be a huge winner for Honda. I do think it will also take sales from the Accord hybrid though. The Accord should have been a hatch. Honda missed a huge opportunity there.