Friday, May 04, 2018

New Jeep Commander

Somehow it looks like Jeep is planning  regular "Commander" version of its new "Grand Commander" SUV.
Just like the Grand Commander, it is only for the Chinese market (For now)
From these picture, I am not sure what the difference is. As it doesn't  seem to be shorter than the Grand Commander. 
I was assuming it would be a 5 seater version of the 7 seater Grand Commander.
Maybe just a cheaper version?

 Here is the Grand Commander. Which doesn't seem to be longer than the car in the spy shots above.
Maybe the Commander is just the same car with only 5 seats...

Who knows...


Anonymous said...

Maybe “Grand” is more of an uplevel trim.

Harry_Wild said...

Maybe the name "Grand Commander" in the Chinese market was to offset the General George Patton SUV sold in China??? Just a thought!