Sunday, May 06, 2018

2019 BMW 8 series interior

Obviously, the production interior is the red one on top.

I think it looks pretty bad compared to the 2017 "tease concept" interior.
BMW seems to love over-complicated/busy looking interiors. And they had a field day with this one.
Why couldn't they keep at least the simple/classy console design from the concept?

This just ends up looking like a "cheap idea of luxury".

The recent 6 series coupe was never a big seller, and I don't see any reason for this even more expensive  version to become a hit...


Anonymous said...

The engineering guys are always exited to destroy the work made by design center. Way don't do forever the old nice the end they function well without strange style things. Few engineer are holy fighters against the style. Look how they wear

Anonymous said...

Gross. Looks like an arcade

Anonymous said...

Ordinary and disappointing. Unless it's an EV, automakers are afraid to do anything unique. They need to take the expertise they learned from their i division, keep what worked and discard what didn't work, and apply it to their conventional ICE cars.