Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Chinese "Family": The perfect family car???

Yes, in a weird Bizarro World kind of twist, there is now a car actually called the "Family" in China.
(Where else...)

Not sure if they actually set up to build the perfect family car or not.
It does look a bit like the new Focus. (And maybe 36 other small sedan designs)
The interior seems OK. With that big "Family" logo on the steering wheel. (That alone might be worth the price of admission)

It is powered by a small 1.6 Liter engine with 125HP. (I guess it's been decided that's all a family car really needs.)
I wonder if they have other models like the "Single". Or the "Grandpa".

Or is it the name of the whole company?

Has anyone here ever heard of this? 
Is it a new company?
A sub-brand of some other company??


DFcar-nut said...

I really wanna see the "Midlife Crisis" model... and maybe something called the "Work"

Patrick said...

Why is it a "Bizarro World kind of twist"? Your jokes about "single" and "Grandpa" are actually quite insensitive. They don't speak English, Vince, so the word "Family" to those living in China isn't actually their word for "family." Did everyone in the US think that the Chevy Nova was a "Bizarro World kind of twist" because it meant "No go" in Spanish? Of course not...because we spoke a different language.

Anonymous said...

The company is Haima Automobile (combination of Hainan and Mazda), Family is the model.

Carl Sandstedt said...

I remember all sorts of jokes in the seventies about the "Nova" and the "Matador". I also remember chuckling about early Japanese owner's manuals in the late sixties: "Behind the dash is a soft green light which will give you much pleasure." Language based humor, which can be based on literal translations with loss of idiom has been laughed at for generations. Remember "We're two wild and crazy guys"?

Now as to the car: looks mediocre, not bad, not good. The Chinese are making big strides, however.

Dave in Canada said...

Offer a "Knocked Up in Back Seat" trim and I'll write them a blank cheque

Anonymous said...

Hey's pronounced Famiree.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it looks like the new Ford Focus sedan, but with a nicer interior.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, chevy's coming out with the new suv called the "Racists"
Self-centered and international myopic, perfectly fit for Burlapp and some of his readers.

Anonymous said...

If they would replace the black plastic slab on the C-pillar with an actual window, then the exterior would look conservatively handsome. It’s not an adventurous design, but it is well proportioned. The Chinese are making amazing strides with their designs. The rest of the industry needs to be on their guard.

Anonymous said...

More Chineses junk. No thanks!