Sunday, April 29, 2018

Honda Accord for the Chinese market

As you know, I am test driving the new Honda Accord this week. 
And I noticed a few things about the Chinese market Accord Honda is not offering in the US.

First, a very nice brown/black interior combo. Sure, the Accord already offers 3 interior color choices, which is more than most cars these days. But that brown is also pretty nice.

Second, a really cool oversized sunroof. We only get a (voice size) regular sunroof here.
This is something Toyota does offer in the Camry and I think it would be a great addition to the Accord as well.

Why not?


Harry_Wild said...

It is really more of an orange color then brown. The rich mocha brown is close to chocolate color is big on luxury German cars. I like the mocha brown myself because it is a deep dark brown. Honda does not give many alternative interior colors choices in the North American market. Everything is based on exterior color. Two is their limit. It is always gray, beige and black. Gray is limited in choice.

Les said...

I think that the reason why many huge sunroofs aren't sold here is because of rollover standards.

Anonymous said...

Is an oversized sunroof the same as a moonroof? This brownish color is unattractive. And....moonroofs have nothing to do with rollover standards.

Harry_Wild said...

The Elantra GT Sport is best looking hatchback! For less power get the Elantra GT!