Saturday, March 10, 2018

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel-hatchback-6 speed manual test drive coming up.

Quite amazingly, one person actually guessed the car I am driving this week.

The diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze has to be pretty rare. Especially since VW pretty much killed US consumer's appetite for diesel.
I am also not sure the hatchback version is the best seller either (it should be)
And of course, a 6 speed manual is never a popular choice.

Put all of these together and you have a pretty unique car.

So far I really like it. I drove a sedan version (automatic with the regular Turbo gas engine) a while ago. But this one is really something special.
So far, I have been getting around 30MPG around town. It has plenty of power and is a lot of fun to drive.

As usual, I'll try to answer questions you might have about the car....


Doug said...

I just bought a pair of regular 1.4T automatic Cruze LTs. I will be interested to hear what you think of the car.

Bruce Sanders said...

Excellent choice. Please let us know what you think/though of the stick shift action. Thanks!

Bruce Sanders said...

Cruze model sales breakdown here:

From article:
The Lordstown-built Chevrolet Cruze had 9,947 sales in February 2018, down 21 percent from last February’s sales of 12,623, General Motors said Thursday.

The Mexico-built Cruze Hatchback had 2,928 sales for a 6.7 percent year-over-year increase from 2,744 sales made in February 2017.

Soul2Stinger said...

I'm excited to know what you think about this one. I'd love to test drive one myself!

Vince Burlapp said...

So far I think it's great. Shift action is super easy and smooth.
That engine is great and actually very quiet.