Friday, March 23, 2018

2019 VW Touareg

 As mentioned before, we are not getting this. Of course.
Since it is a real German VW... And it looks really good.

I know the Touareg is a more expensive model than our Atlas. Still, just look at that interior.
It is about 100 times nicer than the poor Atlas.

Maybe some of its design will end up in our next Passat, due out next year. ( I doubt it...)


Harry_Wild said...

VW finally has a great looking midsize crossover in the new Touareg and it is not coming to the U.S. market! Hard to believe VW decision. They think the Atlas and the Tiguan going sell in this crossover area but the not the new Touareg? EU and China is still being sold. I think VW needs to rethink this!

AutoTribute said...

Whoa! I am impressed, very impressed. Looks great inside and out for any car, let alone a Volkswagen.

Anonymous said...

I hate VW!!!! God I hate them!!!

One of the best looking interiors, and a great looking SUV and I can not have it.

Did I mention I hate VW?

Anonymous said...

Well, it is contagious. You replace the VW badge with Audi’s, and voila.

Anonymous said...

It's not a real German vehicle as it is built outside Germany.