Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2019 Kia K900 Interior teaser

 Looking fine, I'm sure.
A bit more modern than the curent version.

The interior isn't really the problem of the K900.
Being an "over $60 000 Kia" is the problem.

But really, good for them for trying. Again.

Here are pictures of the real interior.
As you can see, the teaser above is not really exaggerated. And actually pretty realistic.
For once.

Again, good for them...


Anonymous said...

The digital speedometer was the coolest thing in the concept, too bad that's the only thing that didn't make it.
Kia should really consider coming up with a logo in lieu of letters, I don't think people will be willing to pay even 40k with a HUGE KIA name across it.

Anonymous said...

I guess Kia did not learn a lesson from Volkswagens Phaeton. Luxury buyers buy cars for prestige and recognition, as well as quality. A non-luxury nameplate does not provide the status they are seeking.

Anonymous said...

I think the interior already looks better than its sibling, the Genesis G90's.

Ced said...

I like the interior. Waiting to see the full reveal of the exterior. So far i'm not impressed with what they've shown so far. If i's nice enough it will make a nice used car that i would consider.

Harry_Wild said...

Looks like the Honda Accord Touring interior!

Anonymous said...

They sold like what 10 of these so far?