Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2019 Cadillac CT6

 Then CT6 was always a car I wanted to like. But never did really.
There was something about it that just didn't feel upscale enough for a top of the line Cadillac.
It even looked awkward from some angles.

From these pictures, it looks like GM has done a really good job. The Escala inspired front end looks great. And the rear end looks so much better.

The car pictured here is a new V-Sport version, with a new twin turbo 4.2 Liter V8.
That is 550 HP with a 10 speed automatic.

I guess you still need a V8, at least as an option, to be taken seriously in the luxury sedan business.

Hard to tell what's new inside. But at least, it looks like the console is redesigned (bottom picture is the current model)
An all new dashboard will be welcome.

This is a great improvement in general for the CT6.


Anonymous said...

Actual that is the Platinum version VSport has different wheels and blacked out window trim

Anonymous said...

It took me a day to come to terms with the rear end. The horizontal add-ons didn't look right at first. It looked tacked on. Overall, this is a great improvement over the current, invisible CT6. They really changed it in all the right places. This is finally the head turner Cadillac so desperately needed (one that wasn't called "Escalade"). Now lets see that CT4/5.

- Fusioptimasx

Anonymous said...

The front and rear definitely look much better with the updates.

Harry_Wild said...

Much more luxurious with the Escala Concept front grill in this 2019 CT6.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Much improved

Anonymous said...

They didn't improve one of the worst things about it (about all Cadillac's)... the name!!! If they ditched the stupid alpha-numeric naming of their cars (which means nothing to anyone) I bet they could improve sales just on that.

Pete said...

This is great. Probably makes the list of greatest auto facelifts.

62Lincoln said...

These changes will not move the sales meter one iota for the CT6. Cadillac would have been better served to apply these updates to the XTS - that market might actually buy a car.