Friday, February 09, 2018

Tata H5X Concept

Tata is also showing a new SUV concept. the H5X. Which looks closer to production than the 45X Concept.

It is quite attractive, with a great looking interior. It is based on a new modular platform. Itself based off a Land Rover D8 architecture. (used for the Discovery Sport and Evoque)
The concept is about an inch shorter than a Toyota Rav-4

I think something like this could really sell well over here. 


FFEMT6 said...

I like this alot. Great design, inside and out. I love tatas.

Unknown said...

It looks like an Elodie with big wheels

62Lincoln said...

Vince, did you notice the repetition of the headlights in the bumper theme that we just saw from Kia? Perhaps not quite as egregious as Kia, but nonetheless another non original repeat of something we've seen already. Which frankly could be said about this entire vehicle.