Friday, February 02, 2018

More on the 2019 Mercedes A-Class

 just a couple of pictures of a black one. With regular wheels and some chrome.
Basically looking like what most people will actually buy.
 Interior seems very nice. Although it still has the small trackpad on the console. While they have already shown the digital dash works as a touch screen.
I wonder why both then... (The track pad thing is really annoying..)
And here is a pathetic picture of the Mercedes Suits desperately trying to "look" young by taking a selfie of themselves in front of the new car.
Really weird attempt to appeal to a younger audience???


Anonymous said...

I did not realize that the selfies are just for young people. So what happens if you ask someone to take your photo? Are you young or old? I guess...old.

Vince Burlapp said...

The whole thing looks so phony to me....Dressing up like cool younger people and taking a selfie in front of that whole audience. Come on.
Such PR BS.

BostonMike said...

Meh. So Mercedes-Benz designed themselves a Kia.

Harry_Wild said...

Looks nice in black but it sort of smallish! I think it will sell to those who cannot afford anything else but want a luxury brand badge.

Anonymous said...

That is like a direct Kia forte 5 copy in the rear. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The black car does look more brand appropriate.