Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Jeep Grand Commander interior

Not a very good picture.
But the first shot of the interior of the all new Grand Commander 7 seater SUV from Jeep.

As mentioned before thesis, so far, for the Chinese market.
But I cannot believe Jeep will keep this away from the US for long.

More pictures very soon...


Unknown said...

That looks rather nice, tbh.

Unknown said...

The interior isn’t horrible. What I would like to see is more upgraded materials, change the airbag cover on the steering wheel, add full digital instrument cluster as well as the full screen option on central runnel like the new RAM

Anonymous said...

Given that this is only 2" longer than Grand Cherokee with a 4" SHORTER wheelbase, there's NO way this would come over to the U.S. It simply isn't larger enough to compete in the 7 passenger market over here.